25 January 2017

Encouraging prayer for churches to be planted in Europe

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02 November 2016

Acts 29 Highlights | 2016 (with German subtitles)

Subtitles for our vision video now available in: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian & Japanese! Go to http://www.acts29.com/about/ click play and select language by clicking on the "CC" button #diverseglobalfamily

01 October 2016

Trail Running in the Swiss Jura

At the end of September, I got in the car and drove the 30 minutes south of the border to the Swiss Jura region of Wasserfallen (on the border between Canton Baselland and Canton Solothurn). I parked the car at the Reigoldswil cable-car station, put on my hydration backpack with 1.5 l water, 1 Milka chocolate bar, mobile-phone and a pack-lite windproof jacket. Firstly I followed the hiking signs for Wasserfallen and then for Passwang. Starting at 600 m it is a short steep climb up to 1200 m. With the gradient at times rising to a nose-dripping 45% – it's more of a quick walk than a run.

The terrain up on the ridge is a trail runners dream. Following the exhausting climb, you are rewarded with a small twisty trail that has the odd technical up and down but compared to what lies behind, is pretty flat. The ground is firm but yet has a bit of a spring from the years of fallen leaves that have decomposed and been trodden down by hikers and runners. The trees brush past your elbows. Large drops of moisture drip from the branches high above. No-one else around. Quiet except for the sounds from the valley of a chainsaw and the familiar ring of cowbells. The air is fresh and moist but still. The colours autumnal. Like a world with an instagram filter applied.

I use the Strava app for tracking my runs. You can retrace my route and view the stats here. The app often comes in handy when navigation becomes challenging. The blue tracking line against the digital map helps to quickly find your bearings and to plan your loop back to the car. I realised later that I needed to turn off the auto pause function. Seems when the going got very steep, the app thought I was so slow that I had stopped. Not sure if that's a reflection on the weakness of the technology or my physical condition.

24 February 2016

Acts 29 Europe Conference

| RESOLVED : Rome, 4-6th April 2016 |
| A practical European conference on church planting |
| For church leaders, church planters, elders, church members |
Connecting for theological clarity, cultural engagement, and missional innovation.

09 October 2015

Exciting announcement

After 9 years of incredible ministry opportunities which took me to 15 countries (mostly in Europe but also to Central Asia, Korea and USA), as well as the regular training courses at our European centre in Switzerland, in December 2015 we will be stepping down as CEF missionaries. 

In January 2016, I (Gary) will commence a new ministry with Acts 29 as Assessment and Training Coordinator for Europe.  As a family we plan to remain in our home located in the southwest of Germany. This provides an ideal, central location for the ministry and ensures minimal disruption to the family.

Acts 29 is a single-issue network, that exists to encourage, resource, facilitate, support and equip churches to plant churches that will plant church-planting churches! My role will be to assess potential church planters in Europe and to help them get the training they need to become healthy church-planting leaders. I will also be developing the training side of the ministry.

Acts 29 is a diverse, global network of church-planting churches that aspires to be known for:
  • Planting churches that plant churches
  • Pursuing holiness and humility
  • Being a radically diverse and global community
  • Praying for conversions through evangelism 
Acts 29 will succeed to the extent that it: 
  • Recruits men dedicated to leading church-planting churches
  • Assesses men based on core competencies to lead church-planting churches
  • Develops men who are planting or leading church-planting churches through coaching, training, and support
I'm very excited to have the opportunity to serve with Acts 29 and Claudia and I would value your prayers as we commence this new ministry. 

Acts 29 is funded by partner churches and individual donations. If you would like to support church planting efforts in Europe click here.